Access to Europe and Safety Enhacements

  • The STC may be utilized to implement an approved upgrade of the Honeywell-BendixKing CAS 67 system on many legacy Gulfstream, Falcon, Hawker, Challenger and Learjet aircraft models.
  • This STC addresses the active European mandate that requires TCAS II Change 7.1 for aircraft operating in European airspace.
  • The update provides optimized logic for the resolution advisories provided to the pilot and improved aural annunciations.
  • Peregrine’s STC offers a simple installation and a very efficient return to service checkout procedure.


STC: ST00790DE, CAS 67B TCAS II Version 7.1

  • Updates the Honeywell - BendixKing CAS 67 system to support TCAS II v7.1 in legacy Part 25 aircraft.
  • Aircraft models are detailed on the CAS 67B STC Approved Model List.

    TPU 67B Processor

    • Part Number 066-01146-2221 (Replaces 066-01146-1211)
    • Part Number 066-01146-2121 (Replaces 066-01146-1111)
    • In addition to our STC, we offer the upgraded TPU 67B processor for sale or for exchange to facilitate your upgrade.
    • Serviceable exchange unit available for $25,000 with warranty.